About Us

Sanelia Hein is a Food and Nutrition specialist with 20 years experience in slimming, weight-loss and nutrition. Sanelia holds a BSc degree in Food Science and has helped hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off over the years. Sanelia also has a diploma in Nutritional Leadership from Dr Josh Axe, a successful leading international authority on natural health.
Sanelia uses state of the art Hair Analysis technology to diagnose your body’s nutrient deficiencies and offers solid advice based on the reports generated. Slimming treatments, supplements and a tailored healthy eating plan are then recommended to begin the weight-loss process.


“Sarah lost 18kg. I weighted 85kg after I had my baby.
My wedding was around the corner and I was desperate to lose the weight.
I started my treatments with Desire and with her help and the program, I lost the weight fast! Now I keep it off and look forward to helping others to do the same.
Thank You”

– Sarah Hawley


“When I was 23+kg overweight people always thought that I was Older. After my wonderful weight-loss program they now get my age right. I was worried about my skin on my stomach. It was stretched a lot but the Electro Slim treatments help with my tightening of the skin and my muscles. When you feel Happy and energised and get the results you were promised you know you made the right choice. Now the ultimate proof came one year later when I without effort kept the weight off”

– David Young




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