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We are a RESULTS driven Weight Management, Body Contouring and Skin Correction Clinic. We have a unique approach to assist our clients achieve their ideal weight - with optimal health in mind - tone and firm their muscles, tighten skin and reduce cellulite. Non-invasive treatments.
We also specialise in Medical Grade Skincare, Skin Correction Dermal Planning and Clinical Skin Treatments......

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My first thought was that it couldn't work. How could Electro-Body Sculpting do what conventional treatments could not? When my 400+ pound patient lost 150 pounds, I was intrigued.

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"I lost 20kg is 9 weeks, thanks to Madame Et Monsieur. The diet prescribed is very good and easy to follow and the electrotherapy treatments are very effective. The staff is very supportive and well trained".
Electroslim by Madame Et Monsieur muscle rehab